This resource is a great way to educate yourself on issues and take the Pro-Life message to others.  Copies of each article can be used in church bulletins and newsletters, at bible studies and Sunday school, on bulletin boards, or just as a conversation piece.  Please contact Texas Right to Life for further information or for copies.  713-782-5433

July Health Care Reform
March Government Health Insurance Mandates
February Planned Parenthood
January 39 Years After Legalized Abortion
December Oral Contraceptives and Abortion
November Diabetes Research
October United Way
September RU 486: A Chemical Abortion
August Rise of the Abortion Movement
July Pro-Life FeminismEuthanasia
May Stem Cell Research
April Umbilical Cord Blood
December Ultrasound: a Window to the Womb
October Stem Cell Research
September Emergency Contraception Update
August United States Supreme Court
July Pro-Life Feminism
June Houston's New Abortion Mega-Clinic
May Fetal Pain
April Euthanasia
March Emergency Contraception a.k.a. The Morning After Pill
February China’s One Child Policy
January 37 Years After Legalized Abortion