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MCRTL mans booths at a variety of community events.  These booths provide an opportunity to interact with and educate our community members about the value of each life.  We get an opportunity to meet folks in settings which are comfortable to them where they are often more open to conversation and information.

September 13-14, MCRTL will host a booth at the Christian Values Summit.  We encourage you to attend this event and visit us at the MCRTL booth!  Speakers include Lt. Governor Dan Patrick, Sarah Palin, Dinesh D’Sousa, and other national and local leaders.   This event is FREE!  However, tickets are limited.  Go to to register and for more information.

While you are at the MCRTL booth you can pick up flyers and up-to-date- information about our four student contests,  upcoming 40 Days for Life campaign, year-round prayer, volunteer opportunities, college scholarships, and more!

Click here for more information if you would like us to host a booth at your next church or community event!