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Dear Friends 4 Life,

There was news of a potentially major storm spin-off from Patricia due in this morning, so I headed to Louetta a little earlier than usual so I could take my post before the rains came in.   When I began vigil the grass strip was still dry, with only occasional rain drops.


A man in a pickup truck stopped in front of me shortly after I began prayers.   He asked if I was protesting Planned Parenthood.   I explained that I was there to pray for changed hearts and minds of anyone planning abortion, and for the PP workers to quit their jobs.   He charged that protesting Kroger would do more good, since they allowed PP to open shop at that location.   I explained further that PP leased their spot from the Property Managers of the property owner and assured him several letters of protest were written to them when PP first moved in.   Now, it is likely that only unrelenting prayer will remove them from the Louetta Road community.   The man wished us luck and drove away.   It was my aim to ask him to join me in prayer since he seemed so irate about PP, but he got away from me.


The cars of 8 PP clients were lined up side by side within a few minutes of opening.   The significance of these parked cars will become clear as you read on.   Pastor Dan Woody  of Koinonia Church, along with his wife Peggy, Ann and son, Jack, Sarah and Curt joined me on the strip soon after PP opened, and attendance of prayer warriors following him grew quickly to nearly 20 strong, to include our own Donna and husband Tim along with Scott and Laurie and family!    Thank you, Donna, for encouraging so many to come and pray. 



The rain was coming down steadily by now, and the grass vigil strip in front of PP was filled with colorful umbrellas and slicker suits.   What a wonderful display of God’s presence!   I mentioned the line-up of client cars earlier and promised more about that.


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I suddenly noticed all cars but one had left – there were only dry spots left on the rain soaked parking lot.   They had all been prayed away, and none were coming to replace them!!!   No more cars came for about 20 minutes, when one did drive in to park in front of PP.   That car sat there undecided for several minutes, then backed out and left!   The power of prayer was clear to see!!!

An interesting quick note to share.   I mentioned all clients but one had been prayed away.   The one still inside pulled the window blinds aside and peeked out at us.   I quickly gave her a friendly wave and she responded by flashing a smile and quick wave back before hurriedly dropping those blinds.   God was touching hearts!


After nearly half an hour of no business due to the very unusual clear-out event on what began as a fairly busy Saturday morning at Planned Parenthood, clients started arriving again.   Prayers would continue.  


The rosary group from St Edwards and Christ The Good Shepherd arrived faithfully at their 9:30 assembly, adding even more color to that wet vigil strip.   I handed my vigil baton to Teresa, who was arriving as I was leaving.  Before the afternoon was over, over 30 people had come to pray that morning!


Voices for the unborn would be heard this day, undampened by the rains!

What a privilege it was to serve Him for Life!


Joe W.