Why Pray at Planned Parenthood?


Prayer changes things!

God exhorts us that we have not because we ask not. So let’s ask for the lives of the unborn to be spared, for the young women and men in a crisis pregnancy to be encouraged and for the hearts and minds of abortion workers to be opened.

Why pray at Planned Parenthood itself?

We need to go where the need is.

If we want to help the homeless, we need to go to the homeless. If we want to feed the hungry, we go to the hungry. So too, if we are to minister to those facing a crisis pregnancy, we need to go where many of them are – to Planned Parenthood. By being on-site we not only are accomplishing things spiritually through our prayers but we have the added opportunity to minister directly to hurting people and speak to the larger community.

P-P clients often walk over to pray with us and we can give them tangible help!

Regularly PP clients come across to the grass strip where we pray. We are able to pray with them in their time of need and offer them tangible help as well – information about area crisis pregnancy centers.

Recently we have received emails from both PACN (Pregnancy Assistance Center North) and Care Net Pregnancy Center telling us of clients who have been directed to them by those praying at Planned Parenthood at Louetta. What a blessing to be on-site to save lives and direct these young mothers to a place of hope and help!

You can be part of this ministry and provide that needed help too! We encourage you to download our  Health Services List and have it available for people when you go out to pray.

To demonstrate the sanctity of life to the general public.

When praying at Planned Parenthood, we are able to communicate with the larger community about the sanctity of life. Folks visiting the businesses near Planned Parenthood often come across to talk to us. Some come asking questions.   Some want to share their own abortion story. Some openly want to challenge us. These conversations are all valuable. They give us opportunities to touch hearts and minds – which is the grassroots work of how a respect for life will be restored in our nation.

To show passers-by that pro-lifers are peaceful, loving folks.

We are communicating even with the many folks in cars or walking by who do not stop.   When we are able to give a friendly wave to someone who looks our way, we are communicating with those individuals. These folks are able to see that Pro-Lifers are loving folks – peaceful and joyful folks. Often times our friendly greetings are returned and we have made a simple but important connection.

To highlight the devastating nature of Planned Parenthood’s activities.

Our presence in front of Planned Parenthood reminds people of the atrocities occurring at Planned Parenthood. Abortionists do not want scrutiny. They would like the public to stay uninvolved and ignore their activities. However, our presence in prayer speaks to the silent majority that abortion is wrong and they need to respond.

We have had a number of people come and pray who told us that after seeing faithful people praying week in and week out, they finally felt compelled to come and join us!


Teresa Strack, Director

MCRTL volunteers are at the Planned Parenthood at 4747 Louetta every Saturday from 8-9:30 am.   Through this simple ministry of prayer, you can partner with us in touching people’s lives!