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Our October meeting was a tremendous finale, bringing our 2018 Monthly Meeting schedule to a close.  Since our meeting time of the last Thursday of each month would fall around Thanksgiving and Christmas,  we adjourn for those holidays.  We sincerely thank our October speakers, Jason and Tracy Ramos and Misty Phillip, who blessed us with their stories of personal strength and commitment to Life. Faced with the difficult diagnosis of Trisomy 18 and in spite of overwhelming advice to abort, these parents chose Life. The gratitude and grace they expressed left us feeling better equipped to speak hope into especially challenging pregnancies. That is the express purpose of our meetings – to be equipped to speak the truth in love.

In keeping with our mission to build respect for life from the ground up, we were privileged to host some very informative and powerful speakers this year!

We were equipped. Katie Van Dyke with Speak for the Unborn shared the importance of sidewalk ministry and prayer, and Lauren Enriquez with Human Coalition  taught us the ropes of effective Pro-Life written communication. Pam Whitehead of And Then There Were None ministries and Sidewalk Advocates for Life  shared a new internet tool called Check My Clinic, which informs women of violations and health hazards of specific abortion clinics.  Pam also shared ways to reach out to abortion workers to help them leave the industry.   


We were informed. Dr. George Delgado, one of the developers of Abortion Pill Reversal,  gave a compelling talk on this life-saving protocol.  APR offers a precious second chance to women who regret the decision to medically abort.  More than 400 babies have already been saved from RU-486 chemical abortions. Will and Bev Boytim shared the amazing story of their 3-year old son, Robert. After a drowning accident, he is making huge steps toward a full recovery through hyperbaric oxygen and adult stem cell therapy. These brave parents fought back when they faced denial of care and are passionate about informing others that there is hope after brain injury.



We were inspired. Helen Lowery said “Yes” to Life as a young teen and “No” to Planned Parenthood’s agenda of black genocide.  This brave woman beat the odds and overcame both poverty and racial discrimination.  Helen spoke eloquently to the ongoing targeting of the black community by the abortion industry.   Allen Barrerras, MCRTL’s Pro-Life scholarship Fellow on the Lone Star College – Tomball campus,  gave us hope that the young generation is returning to a respect for life and we will see the end of legalized abortion.  The Ramos and Phillip families closed us out with a meeting to remember!

We encourage you to make the most of the holidays!  There is no better time to be an advocate for Life by engaging friends and family members in conversation. Speak with confidence, speak with conviction, but most of all, speak with love.

Although we will have a two-month break from our Monthly Meetings the rest of our important work continues!  Please come and join us in prayer outside the Planned Parenthood at 4747 Louetta.  MCRTL volunteers pray there every Saturday morning from 8-9:30 am.  We are able to direct young people contemplating an abortion to real help at our area pregnancy care centers.  Healing conversations with people scarred by previous abortion decisions and with folks who simply want to talk occur.  God is able to move when we are where hurting people are!

In your own home, please pray that the Lord continues to move on hearts and minds in this nation. Pray for the lives of babies and for their mothers and fathers who need to know His love.  Additionally, please pray for us as we plan next year’s events and outreaches.

Please also participate in our ongoing Pro-Life student contests.   This is the perfect time to begin work on Oratory Contest and Video Contest entries.  Prize money is generous and the value of the Pro-Life training that will occur in your family is priceless!

Please plan to join us again in January as we kick-off our new series of Monthly Meetings for 2019! We hope you will resolve next year to make the last Thursday of the month a regular occasion for your family to be educated, equipped, and inspired!