Greetings Friends 4 Life,

There were two clients and the Planned Parenthood escort waiting at the front door for PP to open this morning. The door was unlocked and they were let in at 8:05, five minutes late from scheduled opening. This was a shift from the recent ‘on-time’ and even ‘early’ openings of the last few weeks. Activity until my 9:30 relief was about normal at twelve client visits during my watch. Clients included a young man who went in alone, a mom and her little toddler son, and three couples (one couple with a sleeping baby girl). There were friendly waves from some of the clients.

A, mother of son saved from Abortion, joins vigil again!

A, the mom Joyce and I talked to who changed her mind about abortion when she saw prayer warriors standing outside the Red Oak Drive abortion clinic, drove by and stopped in front of me. This was the third time that I’ve had the pleasure of her visits of encouragement to the grass vigil strip. She was excited to show me a recent new picture of her saved son D. Angela wanted me to be sure to pass along that our prayerful vigil presence “absolutely does make a difference” and asked that we please keep coming. She is so outwardly joyful and thankful for her son that each time she stops to visit is validation to our stand for Life.

Couple at PP Wants to Keep Baby, Just Needed Ultrasound!

I was blessed to give away two gift bags today, the second one to a young couple who parked right front of me. When they returned to their car about 15 minutes later, I approached them with a gift bag and pointed out the many alternatives to Planned Parenthood for good healthcare.

As it turned out, they were pregnant and had gone into PP hoping to get an ultrasound, but could not get it at this facility today. I referred them to PACN and told them how to get there. Marilyn, who had just arrived with the faithful prayer warriors from St Edward, suggested a nearby Birthright.

The young couple want to keep their baby, but needed some help. We’re praying the information shared with them will relieve their anxiousness and give them confidence that loving assistance is readily available throughout their pregnancy and even after their baby is born.

There was a large turnout by St Edward and Christ The Good Shepherd!

Thanking God for calling me to be here this morning.

Joe W.