Spring is an exciting time for us at Montgomery County Right to Life.  As we prepare for our annual Dinner for Life, much consideration goes into choosing a keynote speaker who can inspire hearts. The ability to articulate one’s story, testimony, or vision is a gift from God. Through our student contests, we are privileged to be a part of God’s work developing this skill in young people!  On February 23, we held our annual Pro-Life Oratory Contest, in which 10 area high school juniors and seniors participated. How blessed we all were to hear the voices God is raising up in this generation!

Our judges panel included Larry Foerster (Chair of the Montgomery County Historical Commission), Judge Kristin Bays of the 284th District Court, Jody Czajkoski, Conroe city councilman, business owner, and founder of FaithFest, Mickie Roland, owner of B & W Pawn and long-time Pro-Life advocate, and Ben Lichnovsky, former Oratory Contest participant. The contestants were each given up to 7 minutes to speak.

As President Joe Morrison observed, we had a very balanced lineup with five male and five female contestants, five high school juniors and five seniors! The students spoke eloquently on their topics of choice.  They each approached the topic uniquely and creatively. 

In the end, the first place prize of a $1,000 scholarship was awarded to Lily Cole, who beautifully likened each new life to an artist’s blank canvas. She encouraged the audience to not only celebrate life, but also the potential of a life.  

The competition was quite close as our top three contestants were only separated by a few points! Our second place winner, Christian Castro, received a $500 scholarship and our third place winner, Hannah Maniscola, received a $250 scholarship.  

We want to commend each of our contestants for taking the time to research, write, prepare, and present their work.  By going through the contest process these students will be better prepared to share the importance of protecting each life from conception to nature death. 

Lily will share her winning speech at this year’s Dinner for Life on Saturday, April 27!  Come be inspired and take part in this special night.  Complete details and seating purchase is available here.  

 Let’s all be motivated by these young people’s example to speak up and speak out! Speak love and speak Life!

To see more photos of this event, please visit our Gallery!