Greetings Friends 4 Life!

Arrived at vigil 7:30 this morning to a quiet, empty parking lot.   No clients waiting and no evidence that any workers arrived yet, so hoped for the opportunity to bid good morning or wave to a worker this morning as they came in.

Two clients arrived just before 8:00.   One of them looked like a mom and her daughter about 13-14 yrs old.   After about half an hour inside, the mom came back out and sat in the car awhile.   Teresa called my cell about then and I told her about my concerns for the young girl.   Of course, that young girl was immediately lifted and held by Teresa in prayer.   Mom went back in, and about half an hour later they came back out together to leave.   I noticed the girl sat in the back seat – unusual since no one else was in the car.   I tried to get their attention by waving, but they ignored me.   Both looked very unhappy.   I think they need prayers.   Felt like I was sensing something quite serious between them.

There were about 10 clients during my watch this morning, down from the typical 15 or so.   One of those clients was a middle age couple, which was very unusual – don’t remember seeing customers of Planned Parenthood at their age before.

mother and son

Near the end of my watch I noticed a young lady and her little son who stopped in front of the bank next door to PP.    She gave a wave and friendly smile before they went into the bank.   After coming back out, they shyly and hesitatingly approached the grass vigil strip.

She said she wanted to come over and thank me for being there.   She said that she was so sad someone was not there for her when she went to Planned Parenthood for “abortion pills” – twice.    She was weeping, with tears dripping from her chin.   She shared that she lost two babies from taking the abortion pills, and that she is sooo regretful.   It was very emotional, and I felt inadequate to ease her hurt.   Didn’t know what to say.   I held her hand and promised her that her babies are just fine.   They are waiting in Heaven to be with her.    I assured her that she will meet them one day.   (I pray it was okay with God that I said those things to her.)

I could see that God blessed her with a precious little son, and it was obvious from watching her attentions to him that he was the center of her world, and probably the connection she feels to the babies she lost.   I regret that I missed the opportunity to let her know about our May meeting on abortion recovery, but did give her a gift bag with our website info, etc.    Hopefully, she visited the website and found the information about abortion recovery.   Please pray for her.

God Bless you all dear Friends, and know that it is my awesome privilege to serve alongside you for Life!

Joe W.